Frontier Heat Treating

Advanced Engineering SolutionsFrontier Heat Treating provides advanced engineering solutions for on-site pre and post weld heat treatment. With over 60 years of experience, we have the expertise required to work with refiners, contractors, power generators, and metal fabricators. With offices in Evanston, Wyoming as well as Odessa, Texas, we offer our professional heat treating services to customers all over the Western United States.

We are an on-site heat treatment contractor offering services like pre and post weld heat treatment, high velocity combustion, induction heating, normalizing, refractory dry out, coating cures, and more. We have the resources and a state-of-the-art facilities that allows us to take on a variety of projects, big and small. We take pride in maintaining a positive reputation for providing quality work in a safe, timely, and professional manner.

We are professional contractors and our goal is to provide you with complete satisfaction with our services. Contact us today for all of your pre and post weld heat treatment needs!